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Week of September 30, 2001

New Main Page features added

Mon., October 29, 2001

A site menu has been added to allow for quicker linking to specific pages once they become active. A more detailed listing of pages is now also available in the Site Map section.

Star Wars Today window added

Sun., September 30, 2001

Now you can see updates at the Official Star Wars website at a glance. The Star Wars Today news link window has been added to the site, as has the Star Wars Snapshot feature, so you can keep up to date on official announcements.

Week of September 23, 2001

Browse the Park

Park Map now Online!

Sat., September 29, 2001

A more interactive map will be available on-site soon, but for now an overview of the park is availabe here.

Park Info Section update

Fri., September 28, 2001

This next release will provide information on park services, character greeting opportunities, and touring tips. The first concept art, available for viewing in the Multimedia section also to be soon released, will include a cut-away of the Jedi Temple and an early layout sketch of the Mos Espa Boonta Eve Race Course. Goes Online!

Tues., September 25, 2001

Welcome to, the online theme park where you walk into the living worlds of Star Wars.

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